The Ras General, (real name – Stanley Onwu) was born to a military family from Abia State of Nigeria. He formed the first family reggae group in the country known as ‘The Rasta Officers’ with his three other brothers(later signed to Leader Records). The Ras General is a song writer, singer, poet and actor. In 1990 he published the first Rasta book catalogued by the national library titled, ‘The Nigerian Rastafarians – Who are they?’ That same year he sued his friend and fellow Rasta man, Ras Kimono to court for recording his song ‘Rastafari Chant’ without his permission. The late Sonny Okosuns brokered peace between the two friends and the case was settled out of court. The Rasta Officers band led by The Ras General, at the time was one of the most militant outfits both in appearance and performance. Years later The Ras General moved to Ghana where he became a member of the international Rasta organization – the twelve tribes of Israel and met another Rasta man, Sudanese born Original Ras Korby who had just come in from England, and together they formed another militant reggae band called the Nazarite Vow. They would become one of the heavyweight reggae outfits in Ghana and recorded an album titled, ‘Free’ for German based Kelele records. The Ras General later relocated to the United States of America where he resides to this day. He has performed alongside many Jamaican heavyweights such as Mutabaruka, yesus Afari, Culture, Don Carlos, Buju Banton to mention a few. He even opened for the legendary Tooths and the Maytals in upstate New York. The Ras General has a self published book of love poetry titled, ‘Dangerous Game’, and wrote and starred in the movie, ‘America – the land where men cry’, and recently played a major role as the most feared African mafia boss on the streets of New York alongside Jamaica’s Paul Campbell(third world cop, shottas), Nardo Ranks (dem a bleach) in a Mykal Fax movie titled ‘the Jamaican mafia’. He is back in the studio cooking up some more stuff.Download and share the new single from The Ras General coming Album CHILD OF GOD