Governor Adams Oshiomhole has called on Goodluck Jonathan not to run for the presidency for the second term, do what the late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, did, and earn the respect of all Nigerians and Africans.

Oshiomhole Calls On Jonathan To Quit After One Term
Governor Adams Oshiomhole

Oshiomhole made the statement on Friday, March 13, in Benin City, Vangurad reports.

He expressed his opinion when state residents and various associations in Egor Local Government Area visited him in order to thank for the construction and dualisation of the Upper Siluko road in the state capital.

Oshiomhole said that Goodluck Jonathn should follow the example of President Mandela who spent only a single term but impacted on the lives of all South Africans.

“Like in the PDP jingle, the PDP says our President is like Nelson Mandela; it was not easy, but he did it. Then they talked of Martin Luther King, it was not easy but he did it, but they didn’t know Martin Luther was never president. Then they made another grammatical error, where they said for Obama it wasn’t easy but he did it. I say it’s a grammatical error because President Obama is not in the past, he is in the present and he is doing it.

“So how many terms did Nelson Mandela spend as president? Is there any black man who does not respect Mandela? Dead or alive, Mandela is respected. He is respected in America more than they respect American president. He is respected in Europe more than they respect any European President”, the governor said.

Continuing his speech, Oshiomhile compared the achievements of the PDP and the APC in Edo state.

“It is not how many years you spend there, it is what you did during your period. In Edo State, PDP did 10 years. We in APC have only done 6 years. In those 10 years, PDP did not do your road, they blamed it on Water Goddess (Mammy water), but you have come to thank us for using APC bulldozers to chase away the mammy water and now we are constructing the road.”

The governor called on the people to punish he president and the PDP, and send them packing on March 28, 2015. He also warned the people to avoid campaigns which tend to divide the people along religious lines. According to him, the issue at stake is not whether you are a Christian or you are a Muslim or whether you are from the North or from the South, East or West but about who has the capacity to deliver dividends of democracy to the people of this nation.

“Anyone who collects money to preach hatred to the people will receive the wrath of God. Anybody who does not want Nigeria to conduct peaceful elections or who knows the truth but collects money to lie and deceive the people of God will receive the Judgment of God.”

The governor expressed his assurance that In Edo State religion is not a problem.

In his recent statement Oshiomhole has warned Nigerians that the PDP made copies of a documentary which were distributed in churches to assure people that Muhammau Buhari would Islamise the country if voted as the President.