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In this extremely competitive business of making music, it is pertinent that an artiste is consistent, hardworking, talented, and most importantly, for me, “shrewd”. A shrewd artiste  is very calculating, astucious and judicious. This is highly important because one wrong song, one wrong video, one wrong dress, one wrong performance, or even one wrong tweet can severely hamper your blossoming musical career. This is a clear indication that every move for an artiste in the “music business” as implied by Emmy Gee in his song Rands N Nairas is CALCULATED.

Yemi Alade had a very successful 2014, becoming one of Africa’s leading female entertainers, and as she pointed out in her tweet a few weeks ago, “From overlooked to Overbooked“. This success is firmly rooted on a bedrock of years of hard work as she was guilty of overdoing at times; doing interviews on the same radio station on two consecutive days, with the same or different presenters. You could call that persistence, well yea… but remember, too much of everything is not good. That said, without a diggity without a doubt, she was hardworking.‎ Signed to “Jus Kiddin’“, her first single “Fi Mi Sile” which dropped some few months after she won the maiden edition of the Peak Talent Show was a 60% success as it got massive airplay on the radio, video was good and the talent was obvious. “She has an amazing voice, she is a star… this one” I said to myself the first time I heard it but she went missing after that. That dreaded, very important second single never came. She was a 300level student of Geography at the University of Lagos at the time and for reasons unknown to me, the wait for the second single expired.

On a sunny afternoon  in the first quarter of 2012, I got a message from Taiye Aliyu who I used to call “Oga Taiye” CEO Effyzzie Music Group. He told me he wanted me to interview Yemi Alade on my show on Unilag FM which I did, with the main highlight of the show being that a new single was coming. I was excited much about this new project because I was a fan; it sparked another anxious wait. On the 25th of June 2012 at 12 noon, she released her second official single titled “Ghen Ghen Love” produced by the highly celebrated OJB JEZREEL. It obviously wasn’t as good as the first but I said to myself “maybe, just maybe”. This is what NotJustOk posted when the song was released:”Yemi Alade who is not new to the music scene, utilizes her strong voice by impressing us with her delivery on  this up tempo OJB jezreel produced track. If she stays consistent and has more time to do more quality music. She can do damage.” She followed up “Ghen Ghen Love” with “Uche Face” featuring the boy band L.O.S produced by El Emcee. When I heard this, I was shocked and asked  myself “Bloody Hell!!! what’s she doing?” I had the face of someone stoned by a child and, in my pain, he keeps on laughing.

In December that year, Yemi dropped two more singles Bamboo and Show Me. And with “Bamboo“, she apologised for throwing stones at me; my favourite Yemi Alade song‎ till date. The lyrics were clear, she sang her heart out and the beat was amazing. By the end of 2012, two things were clear, 1) she was getting consistent with putting out music; 2) she  was looking for that Hit song.

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Ghen Ghen Love

Bamboo and Show Me

In 2013 the search for “that” single continued. Yemi Alade put out “Faaji” in June while she was also being featured on other tracks notably “Rock My Body” with Mr Dance but I can’t sing Dipp. The video was soft porn, well I liked it. But in September 2013 things were going to change. She set up on ANOTHER nationwide Radio Tour for the release of her new singles “Birthday Song” and “Happy People“, giving out over a hundred cakes on this tour. She came for an interview on my show and she discussed plans for videos for both songs and massive plans for promo. I thought “Happy people” was “that” song  because it was very catchy; I knew half the lyrics the first time I heard it (not like it had 20 words though. LOOL).  The beat was uptempo as well. For the clubs.

YemiAlade_JohnnyTwo weeks on and I got a message from Yemi saying she got a new single she would be pushing and I said to myself “What is wrong with this young lady?” She was done with the tour, but she was going to start another. Apparently during her tour, she had met up with Selebobo and made a song titled “Johnny” and she was back again for another interview. When I heard Johnny, it was clear, this was the song! And I said to her right away, this song needs a video. Johnny was released on the 14th of October 2013 almost a month after she released the previous single. I mean WHO DOES THAT? It was beginning to look like a struggle but that move paid off and from that point, she never looked back. She made the shrewd decision of dropping Johnny though it could have backfired.  She realized the potential of the song and she judiciously opted to shoot the video with Clarence Peters instead of Paul Gambit who shot her previous videos. This paid off as he directed one of the best videos of 2014… and the rest is history . *Not undermining the work of Paul Gambit but having your video shot by Clarence Peters portrays an “I mean business” outlook for an artiste and would therefore be taken more seriously. As much as you might want to argue this, you know deep down that it is true.

Yemi Alade didn’t sleep on the proverbial bicycle. She dropped Tangerine and few weeks later, she followed it up with the visuals. She kept herself in our faces, we had no choice. Both were getting heavy rotations on TV and on the radio, and then she did something no one in the industry had ever done at that time. I bet you already know. She made the French Version of Johnny and BOOM! She was performing in Stadiums and big shows across Africa. Throw in the fact that she’s got unrivaled energy on stage, and suddenly, we had a real star on our hands.

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Yemi Alade has become one of the most sought after entertainers in Africa. Only few female entertainers can match her success in Africa. In October 2014, she released her debut album “King Of Queens” which got loads of great reviews. Even though I feel the song with Chidinma “Selense” is an absolute mess, there are reasons for profound joy with other songs on the album. With the Video for Kissing being an absolute beauty, and the video for Taking Over soon to drop, amid countless number of local and international shows, collaborations, endorsements, and with astonishingly, NO major controversy, the signs are evident that this very talented, hardworking, consistent and shrewd musician will continue to soar higher and higher. The Yemi Alade story – From Overlooked to Overbooked – is indeed a fine example for up & coming musicians across Africa.

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dochazy · 2 weeks ago

very nice like that of jonny oooo so the music is just a creative like that of jonnnyoooo beat

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Fola · 2 weeks ago

About the piece, you should probably write about every artiste that has made it to mainstream popularity na, since you are objectively writing about your direct involvement in her career and surge to prominence (multiple radio interviews, offering criticism for her songs, helping her find/identify/prophesy her next hit song, telling her to shoot Johny’s video)….

I don’t know what standpoint you are writing from… Is this, wait, scratch that, THIS IS definitely a PR stunt from you to remind us of Yemi Alade… luckily for her, most of us already like her, but like all other artistes, we need her to continue doing her job and releasing music, and not you coming to tell us how much Clarence’s video are more professional than Gambit, or how Rands and Naira has revealed the universe’s hidden secret of the music business being about calculate moves.

If you want to write a hype article, do a NJO Hype section, if you want to do Album review, i believe NJO has that section, if you want to do a diss section, you can start that, but make it clear thats what you’re doing, and dont just put subtle subliminal disses inside (cue the Dipp diss). This article at best is an “I don dey here since tey tey type article”

Since you are at liberty to write your opinion, this article is just a load of unnecessary <insert appropriate expletives here> in my opinion (I love the artist, and God bless her hustle)… and thats me being civil…

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Charlian · 2 weeks ago

nice talk bro..we already know and like her person and dont need to hype her then diss other artist or directors..after all clarance peter started from somewhere before he is where he is..eissss

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yinka · 2 weeks ago

Good one for her.

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Iyke · 2 weeks ago

Nice piece brah… keep it up.

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oniranu · 2 weeks ago

Masterpiece as a first post.. Cwaaaaazyyyyyy!!!

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Mike · 2 weeks ago

where is Dil in this article. Used to see her in that their hotel in surulrre.
We need another hits from her to be able to fully register her as an established artiste in the industry.

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princess · 2 weeks ago

Nice piece

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chime · 2 weeks ago

Very detailed article .. Johnny oh!! Jam for days !
She is really doing well. I love yemi Alade

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asorockbaba · 3 weeks ago

endurance,persist-ency,faith,prayer makes the impossibility possible………keep up the good work…my success on it way too

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bianca · 3 weeks ago

Mr dance but i can’t sing…really??????u just killed every shred of crush i have left for dipp :(!! Lovely article btw 🙂

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bad guuy · 3 weeks ago

This is a beautiful post , well constructed . Big ups to the editor. Soo many facts wher revealed by this , we need more posts like this to help enlighten the fans bout the artists. Thank you NJO , always 1 step ahead

Winston Balagare's avatar

Winston Balagare · 3 weeks ago

Great piece on Yemi’s grind!

While we’re at it, though, can we talk about male artists, like Selebobo, who don’t get their own just due? If Davido or Wizkid had done some of the collaborations Selebobo did last year, people wouldn’t have ignored the brilliance of those songs.


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Itunu · 3 weeks ago

Great article

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Adeola · 3 weeks ago

Such an amazing article, very detailed. Weldone.

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damilola · 3 weeks ago

Wow what a great article about yemi alade. He made me love her more. Good job evablazing.

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Johnbode · 3 weeks ago

We go tire for Johnny soon Ohh, she needs to work harder

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GeneralOverseer · 3 weeks ago

“Rock My Body” with Mr Dance but I can’t sing Dipp.” LOL una wicked walahi. Props to yemi alade still, we all sabi say industry no easy..just have to be hopeful, hardworking and consistent. No be overnight ! well done yemi, oya drop that 2015 single for guys! we move

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E Kong · 3 weeks ago

Well written article and a lovely read.

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moyo-brown · 3 weeks ago

Story story … well, thank God for her life, but na just Johnny ooo. She better look for another johnny before she become un-booked again!