Nigeria Standup Super Comedian said I Did Not Insult The First Lady – Omo Baba said NAIJA CELEBRITIES NEWS

Stand-up Comedian, Olufemi Fagade better known as Omo Baba who boasts of a career in the comedy industry that spans over 10 years with people like Alibaba, Okey Bakasi, Gbenga Adeyinka, Klint Da Drunk, Basket Mouth as mentors, talks marriage, plans for 2015 and clarifies the report about falling out with some of his colleagues in the comedy business and insulting the First Lady of Nigeria, in this exclusive interview with Hiphopworld magazine.

HHWM: Do you have any project are working on?

OmoBaba: Well yes, although some people are aware while some are not. One is a CRS, a comedy club where established as well as new comedians have a platform to showcase their jokes. It is basically targeted at the working class, where they can come and relax after the day’s work and have fun. Sort of like a stress relief. Also, we are doing some campaigns on social media and on TV to showcase the 2015 elections, the reason why everyone has to go out and vote. Although, it is not sponsored by any political party. It is a self-funded project encouraging people to go out and vote.

Also my radio and TV show is coming up soon.

HHWN: What is up with your music career?

Omo Baba: Okay. The last one titled “there is God” featuring the first lady of Nigeria. Well, people came to me and said I will be arrested and that I am insulting the first lady. I discovered that people don’t read or research, they just focus on the aftermath of a story and don’t bother to know how the story began. However, I was not scared of the threats and so also some radio stations too, the song was played and fans liked it. That’s what matters. I have great comedians on the video like Okey bakassi, Seyi law, GT d’ Guiterman.

HHWM: What is your relationship like with colleagues in the comedy industry?

Omobaba: I have a cordial relationship with virtually everybody that I can get in touch with and I don’t have any problem with anybody. The recent rumours people are peddling that I’m not in talking terms with some of my colleagues is surprising and I don’t know where they get it from.

Moving away from entertainment,

HHWM: Having done a song for Nigeria about the 2015 elections, what is your Opinion on the forth coming election?

I think participation is very high. I can see the commitment of young people that are very passionate towards the upcoming elections and to be honest if it was not postponed, the elections would have been success. Free and fair.

HHWM: What is your opinion on your colleagues supporting candidates and campaigning for them?

OmoBaba: Well, in the world entirely, entertainment is highly regarded as a tool to foster change either in a negative way or the positive way. Entertainment plays a major role in the economy of this country. Therefore when you see my colleagues tilting towards a particular party, the first thing you should consider is work. Then during the course of that he or she might decide to support and vote for a particular candidate or not. Most entertainers where approached by these parties to work. So I don’t think there is anything wrong because I believe in the Nigeria of today that everybody has their candidates already. So using entertainers to foster their campaigns is either a win or lose situation. So if you see me on any, I was called to work and I chose to respond.

Leaving politics, and getting personal

HHWM: Your marital life?

OmoBaba: I am not married but am close. I am not a loud person. Thank God my partner too is not a loud person. I am the one in the lime light so if she chooses not to be in the lime light, I won’t drag her into it. Even if my children, when I start to have them, decide to stay away from my career as an entertainer, I would understand and support their choice. At least the future of my children is secured, that am glad about.

HHWM: You seem a little reserved, how do you combine career with your personal life?

OmoBaba: Actually I am a very shy person. Even when am on the microphone, few seconds into the performance I am be a bit shy. But most people don’t know this and after over ten years I can be able to leak that secret that I am a shy person. Every good comedian must prove he is funny in less than 2 minutes into his performance. My work is different from my personal life, I am a straight person, gentle and having happy people around me, I also like wicked people too. But I am able to blend them together.

HHWM: How do you cope with your female fans?

OmoBaba: For me ladies will always come if you are good at what you do. Even back then in school, the brilliant guy always get the attention of the finest girl. Therefore the ability to be able to manage them is what you need. I won’t chase away any female friend that I have because I am an entertainer, because she will need me to come and anchor her wedding. But if the friendship is taking a different turn from the previously defined, I would put a stop to it or redefine it with the lady in question. Choosing a life partner should not be taken lightly and I have waited so long to get that part of my life right.

HHWM: Any embarrassing moment with a female fan?

Omo Baba: Yea, I have been kissed before. By a female “mummy” fan in the present of her kids. And she was like “se mi o so fun yin pe, Emi lo ma koko kiss e” which translates to “didn’t I tell you that I would be the first to kiss him”. They expect you to bring that artiste on stage into your normal personality. And me being a shy person who wants to be alone and talk to friends that I am used to, and they come at me like that, all I do is smile and pray that the fan should just finish and go. It is not so terrible though.

HHWM: You seem like a business person. So if you are not entertaining, what business do you indulge in?

OmoBaba: it is called showbiz. So if am not at a show performing am doing business. I am interior decorator, I paint, although not for exhibition but people come to me for my work and pay good money for it. I am also an actor, although I really like to take my time out because acting is time consuming. We do some petty buying and selling by the side as well.. That’s why I always commend my colleagues as they try to combine acting and comedy. As a stand-up I perform for 15mins to an hour tops am done but as an actor you would be on location for 2 weeks or more. So I respect their job.

HHWM: How do you relax?

Omo Baba: I play Computer games at home. I don’t drink, I don’t womanize, its women that “mannernize” me. I am a homely person, being at home and having fun.

HHWM: Message to Your fans?

OmoBaba: I love you all, for those that love me, I love you to for those that do not, I would improve on myself so that you would love me. And if you drink and drive, you will die if you don’t stop, there is no extra life.